Silhouette match is for a bolt action 0.22 caliber rim-fire rifle with a telescopic scope.

Competitors fire two strings of 5 shots from the prone position at each distance for a score out of 40.

The silhouettes are at the following distances:
Chickens @ 35 meters                        

Pigs @ 55 meters                                

Turkeys @ 70 meters                              

Rams @ 90 meters                             

To download a copy of the Silhouette Rules A4 or A5 format.

Silhouette targets template.


Bench Rest is shooting from a bench using rests to both the front and rear to hold the rifle in a stable position. The bench is a rigidly constructed table of a height to allow a shooter of more or less average height to sit comfortably on a chair or stool.

Competitors fire 60 shots over 50 meters, giving a maximum possible score of 600.

Our competition is divided into 2 Classes: Target Rifles and Silhouette Rifles.

To download a copy of the Benchrest Rules

Prone Target

The 50 Meter Prone Rifle Event is shot by both Men and Women. However, at Olympics only men participate in this event. Some International events cater for both Men and Women, however they participate in separate events.

In Queensland both Men and Women participate equally in all events. Disabled shooters are able to participate in the 50 Meter prone event, either shooting from a wheel chair or if able to may shoot from the prone position.

Competitors fire 60 shots over 50 meters using a .22 target rifle. The shots are fired from the prone position in a total time of 75 minutes.

Our competition distances are 20 Meters, 50 Meters and 90 Meters and are also in 2 classes: Target Rifle and Silhouette Rifle.

10m Air Rifle

10m Air rifle are ISSF events shot by both men and women, at all levels of competition up to and including the Olympics and Paralympics.

Caliber: .177”, 4.5 mm single shot air rifle - external lever or by a pre-compressed air cylinder..
Maximum weight: 5.5kg.
Number of shots/time: 60 shots for Men & Junior Men in 75mins
                                   40 shots for Women & Junior Women in 50 minutes
Target: 10 ring of 11.5 mm diameter, each ring increases by 16 mm